Family Vacation at Hacienda Verde Serres – Private Experience by Kalina Nikolova (f-gal)

Villa Hacienda Verde had the honor of hosting the famous influencer from Bulgaria, Kalina Nikolova, along with her wonderful family.

Kalina spent a few days of family vacation with her family in Serres, which is only 30 minutes away from Bulgaria.

You can check out her personal blog post here!

A few words about Kalina Nikolova…

“Kalina is a famous influencer in Bulgaria and in particular she is a style advisor, digital creator, fashion editor and shopping consultant.

She follows fashion trends, creates her own fashion and never misses the opportunity to travel to wonderful destinations and share her impressions with her followers on social media.”

Hacienda Verde in Serres is ideal for family vacation

When choosing a destination for family vacation there should be options for all members of the family. Hacienda Verde is the ideal villa that combines relaxation, privacy and adrenaline.

You can see more holiday packages on our website and book the one that suits your family vacation best.

See what Kalina Nikolova (#f-gal) posted on her social

#f-gal – family vacation – Beautiful moments at Hacienda Verde

What were the family’s impressions?

What really impresses us is the large area and the garden with blueberries in front of the terrace. The garden is quite private and gives you the opportunity to play children’s games – table tennis, billiards, basketball, darts, swings and bats for the little ones. Overall, the owner of Hacienda Verde has made sure that the first thing in the villa is safety and enjoyment.

The house is fully equipped with all kinds of board games and lots of movies and DVDs. Besides, you can still enjoy some of the new movies on NETFLIX. For the complete satisfaction of the cinema room in front of the fireplace, there is a Blu-Ray system for the ultimate finish!!! Well, you better watch a movie in good quality…

#f-gal – Beautiful moments at Hacienda Verde

Enduro Day Tour Experience at Hacienda Verde

Thrill, adrenaline and a completely new experience… Serrenduro!

Serenduro is a rental service of enduro motorcycles, 4×4 buggies and racing cars and go-karts for motorsport enthusiasts. The motorcycle rental service is available on the house site with the possibility of different packages, which sometimes come out with even better offers.

You can take a look at our website or make an individual reservation even just for a one-day tour to get a feel and see what the place has to offer.

In general, you can try all the things that HACIENDA VERDE has to offer, but during the summer, Kalina Nikolova shall return for a new selection of summer family vacations by the swimming pool.

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