Enduro Motorcycles – Day Tours Serrenduro

Serrenduro is a rental service for enduro motorcycles, racing karts, 4×4 buggies, and track racing cars for motorsport enthusiasts.

Rent the latest, fully functional motorcycle (KTM- Husqvarna), 4×4 buggy, and kart models for you and your friends.

The motorbike rental service is available in conjunction with accommodation packages at Hacienda Verde or individually by booking a Day Tour.

We undertake (with an extra charge of 50 euros) to provide you with a high-quality uniform and helmet and all the accessories for a safe Serrenduro experience!

Uniforms and all necessary equipment are top quality, high-quality, and within safety standards. Drive with passion and enjoy routes on the magical mountain of Lailia, Serres with the Serrenduro experience.

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