Hacienda Verde Services

  • Wi-Fi across all rooms
  • Swimming Pool
  • Jacuzzi
  • BBQ
  • Mini Bar
  • Safe
  • Customized check in / check out
  • Satelite TV
  • Hot water 24 hour / day

Services after request

  • Ability of adding a baby bed
  • Towels change
  • Car rental service
  • Ticketing service
  • Luggage service
  • Laundry service
  • Cleanliness in all areas
  • Cleaning in public areas
  • Wake Up Service

Extra charge services

  • Breakfast with local delicasies - 20€ / person
  • Lunch by personal chef - Charge upon order
  • Dinner by personal chef - Charge upon order
  • 90' massage by our professional masseurs. Chose the type of massage you need - 50€ / person
  • Luggage transfer service
  • Motorcycle rental Ducati Multistrata 1260s (with guarantees and conditions) - 500€
  • Transfer from/to Thessaloniki International Airport - 80€ (free for 4day+ stays)
  • Car rental service - from 50€
  • Scooter rental - 50€ / day
  • Day Tour Serrenduro service
  • Daily trips
  • Daily Cruise Halkidiki (North Aegean) - from 500€
  • Hiking
  • Mountain Bike
  • Stay charge without extras:
    • 1 day - 600€
    • 2 days - 1000€
    • 4 days - 1900€
    • 7 days - 3000€

Specialized Hacienda Verde services

Our private space lends itself to a wide range of professional services, such as filming movies, TV shows and music video clips.

In addition, Villa Hacienda Verde is the most suitable place to host a special venue like an engagement, a wedding table and christening events for up to 20 people. Our partners will take care of everything needed to make the event a success.

Unique space for unique & special moments… Your own moments…

It is true that we want to share the most special and unique occasions of our lives with our loved ones…

At Hacienda Verde we will take care of every detail, offering you unique ideas so that this special moment does not go unnoticed by any of your guests!

Also, group and corporate events of high demands can be hosted with specialized services providing all the necessary means for their smooth conduct.

The layout of the space is configured according to the occasion, the number of participants (up to 20 people) and the requirements of the organizers who will choose our private villa for their event.

Motor Sports

With luxury accommodation you can combine a multitude of motorized activities for those looking for adrenaline.

The Serrenduro service can cover all types of motor sports.

We undertake tours with enduro motorcycles in the mountains of Serres. Our guided tours are made according to the level of the riders, accompanied by experienced guides.

We also have racing karts, for a road racing car experience at the Serres Motorway.

Σύντομα θα θα είναι στη διάθεσή σας χωμάτινα buggy για διαδρομές off road στο βουνό Λαϊλιά.


We are committed to hosting an undeniably premium event planning service at Villa Hacienda Verde, Serres.

We are adaptable, meticulous and always strive for excellence, which is what sets us apart from other large event venues.

Whether it’s a business or personal event, our private villa will impress your guests.

Celebrate the engagement table, wedding or baptism in a close family circle next to our pool, overlooking the Serres valley.


With passion and taste we provide catering services for various occasions that will be hosted at our place.

From a buffet for a party to a family or business table, the options are many.

To meet your needs, we first discuss your plan. Catering can be combined during the days of your stay or as an individual event.

You can enjoy Mediterranean and European cuisine in an extremely atmospheric and private location overlooking the city of Serres.

Next Day Photo Shoot

In recent years, we see the next day photography constantly gaining ground and becoming a must for many new couples. Creative photos, enchanting landscapes monopolize the interest of many couples.

Choose the next day photo shoot in a verdant setting with an outdoor swimming pool that will seduce you...

At a short distance from the town of Serres, this little paradise, Hacienda Verde is the most enchanting backdrop for the most beautiful shots.

Our special space will create romantic moments, enjoying this nature foray to the fullest. Light flower arrangements and candles frame the space, enhancing the romance in the atmosphere…

In a next day photoshoot where you have enough time at your disposal, it is a wonderful opportunity to do something more… in a wonderfully designed space.

Movie - TV Show Shooting

Nothing is worth more than shooting movies or video clips in a real house, a unique location by the nature and an existing amazing mountain, Lailias.

Villa Hacienda Verde includes amenities, sports facilities and special natural features that can become your choice for your next:


TV series

Video Clip

Reality Show



Show trailer

Cooking Show

Finding the right filming location is one of the most essential things to a successful production… and we have the whole package.

Relaxing Massage

Looking for more relaxation by the pool?

At Hacienda Verde we can make an appointment for you with a professional masseur.

Massage is a common treatment for muscle pain, but also for relaxing the body.

There are many different types of massage to choose from.

Book now by choosing the type of massage that will satisfy your particular needs.

For an appointment, let us know the massage you want, the date and duration… we will take care of everything.

Touch the body

Heal the mind

Calm the spirit

For more information about Hacienda Verde’s specialized services, contact us!

Choose Hacienda Verde for your wedding

Hacienda Verde is for those looking for privacy and comfort. The rooms can accommodate up to 6 people and you can stay throughout your wedding preparation and beyond. Ideal if you live outside the Serres area, and for visitors who come from far away.

Guests can enjoy special moments in the outdoor heated Jacuzzi and private pool. Every little detail makes a perfect stay for couples, honeymooners or those who look for a romantic break.

A place to stay and prepare for your wedding! Enhoy special moments!

Honeymoon in Hacienda Verde

Wedding is the most important day in our life. All couples until the ceremony are in a non-stop race to catch up with everything, with no time to relax.

Treat yourself to a honeymoon that will soothe and rejuvenate your senses, at a villa near you.

We at Villa Hacienda Verde will welcome you with champagne, flowers and our best wishes for a life full of love and happiness!

Book your honeymoon at Hacienda Verde today and take advantage of the special accommodation package for newlyweds!

Also, you can contact us and we can plan together the honeymoon accommodation package that suits you. “Ask for it and you shall have it!”