Drive with passion, enjoy unique hospitality!

Our passion for motorcycles, especially enduro, nature and luxury hospitality inspired us to create Serrenduro, a name originating from our city. Serres is famous for the 2008 ISDE “International Six Days Enduro” and several other World Enduro Championship events.

Many world champions have described our region as an enduro paradise. The existence of the Serres Motorway made our city the ultimate motorsports destination.

What is Serrenduro?

Serrenduro is a rental service for enduro bikes, go-karts, motorcycles and track racing cars for motorsport enthusiasts.

We provide 2023 KTM & Husqvarna models and every autumn we ride the new bikes of the latest year!

Rent the latest, fully functional motorcycle (KTM- Husqvarna), 4x4 buggy, and cart models for you and your friends.

The motorbike rental service is available in conjunction with accommodation packages at Hacienda Verde or individually by booking a Day Tour.

We undertake (with an extra charge of 50 euros) to provide you with a high-quality uniform and helmet and all the accessories for a safe Serrenduro experience!

Uniforms and all necessary equipment are top quality, high-quality, and within safety standards. Drive with passion and enjoy routes on the magical mountain of Lailia, Serres with the Serrenduro experience.

Why choose the Serrenduro experience?

Your stay is at the Hacienda Verde villa. A private estate, just outside of Serres, where it is the base for your activities. Outside our estate you can practice, warm up and familiarize yourself with our motorcycles, before the tour starts in our mountains. The specially designed motocross track is the beginning of an experience full of adrenaline and unique moments in nature.

Drive with passion

The motorcycles we provide are the latest fully equipped models (KTM- Husqvarna) in excellent condition. You don’t need to bring your equipment, we’ve taken care of it! High quality uniforms and all equipment required is the best, within safety specifications. Relax, enjoy some quiet moments, get on the motorcycles and enjoy the forest!

The Hacienda Verde villa can accommodate up to 6 people. This is also the number of participants that our experienced guides recommend so that each group of riders has the highest standards of safety, flexibility and functionality for each Day Tour.

Start your day in our paradise with a rich breakfast that will give you all the energy you need. On our track you can warm up or familiarize yourself with our motorcycles. And then… let the show begin!

The routes are different every day and the destinations full of surprises (traditional steam baths – hammams and picturesque villages). The traditional “hammam” steam baths in the villages of Sidirokastro and Agistrou are something you must try to cleanse your body and soul.

Guided Tours
1 Day Tour
3 Day Tour
5 Day Tour

After the ride you can enjoy an energy drink to regain your energy, followed by the meal of your choice.

The poolside massage is a gift you deserve after your Serrenduro experience.

Privacy and unique moments of luxury!

Also, the jacuzzi with the panoramic view of the Serres valley is a pleasure that you will never forget! You can play table tennis, billiards, basketball and several other sports in the yard of the estate.

You can even go for a walk in the forest, which is outside the estate, or try mountain bike.

Ready to live the experience?

Check out more videos from the Serrenduro experience on our YouTube channel

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